Manufacturer Guidelines

Manufacturer Resources

This page features documents of detailed manufacturer instructions for the routine care and maintenance of endoscopes and accessories. You can also find scope reprocessing “Cliffs Notes” instructions. Just click on the downward arrow to open the content in each section.

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Leak Test Failure    Routine Care   Process Checklists
Reprocessing Cliff Notes

Leak Test Failure


The following documents detail manufacturer instructions for leak test failure procedure:

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Routine Care

The following documents detail manufacturer instructions for routine care and maintenance:

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Process Checklists

The following resources provide manufacturer instructions to ensure proper process is followed:

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Reprocessing Cliff Notes

The following scope reprocessor guideline "cliff note" documents detail manufacturer instructions for proper procedures:

 Custom Ultrasonics Inc.

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. Medivators
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