SGNA Advanced Associates Program

The purpose of the Advanced Associates Program is to provide you with the opportunity to further your knowledge base in the field of GI/endoscopy. The program is presented in a manner that will challenge your critical thinking skills by applying the learned concepts from modules to case studies. The case studies offer an opportunity to interact with your healthcare team and discuss actions you would take in similar situations.

Technicians and Associates are able to earn a higher level of recognition as an AGTS, Advanced GI Technical Specialist by successfully completing the Advanced Associates Program.

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This program consists of three online education modules covering the following topics:

Module 1: Communication
Module 2: Equipment
Module 3: Emergency Preparedness

Modules contain slides, diagrams, supporting documents including case studies to address the critical thinking component and a self-study component with skills validation as well as a post-test that will need to be completed in order for the participant to receive their certificate of completion. Upon completing the post-tests of all three modules, an Official Recognition of Completion certificate will be available for download and an AGTS lapel pin will be awarded to the associate through SGNA. Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive the lapel pin.

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Advanced Associates Program Achievement


The following individuals have completed the Advanced Associates Program. They are recognized as an Advanced Gastrointestinal Technical Specialist (AGTS). This list consists of individual who have completed the course. Congratulations!

December  November   October   September


December 2016


Christina Webb
Vivian Ramirez
Andre Porter
Erica Marin
Penny Ferguson
Jennifer Gonzalez
Matthew Shanahan
Bozena Ciuraru
Monica Collopy
James Haak
Ashleigh Palmer

November 2016

Guillaume Awaka
Tariq Mehmood
Judah Landavaso
Cathy Monahan
Love Raymond
Ellen Jarrett
Kimberli Leary
Amy Luark
Christina Almodovar


October 2016


Christian Mendez
Isabel Padilla
Nicholas Tatro
Marcus Portis
Valerie Thomas
Eastlyn Christiani
Nghiem Doan
Mariela Sabillon
Amy Ball
Thu- Hong Nguyen
Sarah Stewart
Freddie Nolton
Gerri Stewart
Marnie Nelson
Chara Stringfellow
Trivia Poitier
Agnes Manning
Garrett Garcia
Tami DeMott
Brandia Ned

September 2016

Catherine Azzopardi
Dawn Stuart
Karla Gonzales
Maya John
Taylor Balling
Daphne Thevenin
Kristine Anguiano
Aneudy Cabrera
Ronald Smith
Darlene Massey
Laura Zuniga
Charles Cook
Brandon Lahman
Katherine Neely
Rafael Alberto