Headquarters Staff

SGNA Headquarters Staff

Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates
Voice: 800.245.7462, in Illinois - 312.321.5165
Fax: 312.673.6694
Email: info@sgna.org

Executive Director:
Dale West, CAE

Associate Executive Director of Clinical Affairs:
Cindy Friis, MEd BSN RN BC

Operations Manager:
Mollie Corbett

Education/Operations Coordinator:
Sami Schurhammer

Membership Coordinator:
Sophie Huckabay

Education Coordinator:
Cassie Ehrhart

Publications/Operations Sr. Associate:
Eileen McInerney

Operations Associate:
Kathy Liwag

Director of Corporate Relations:
Jessica Eustice

Marketing and Communications Manager:
Jennifer Snider

Marketing and Communications Sr. Associate:
Alyssa Ware

Marketing and Communications Associate:
Marisa Weich

Convention Director:
Perry Juliano

Convention Sr. Coordinator:
Caitlin Schmierer

Convention Associate:
Shelby Fulkerson

Tradeshow Sr. Associate:
Laura Bott

Tradeshow Associate:
Kat Noelke

Registration Coordinator:
Laura Penning

Exhibits Sales Sr. Manager:
Jenny Shupe

Exhibits Sales Coordinator:
Joe Remiasz